FOOD & NutritioN, New Season airing wkly

Need tips on how to stay healthy and fit while spicing it up in the kitchen? Special guest join us to show you tips on cooking delicious mouthwatering recipes for the busy women on the go.

Cooking healthy food can be quick, and easy. But most of all, delicious. Join our amazing chefs and learn new strategies for eating healthy in the most challenging situations, but still providing the right amount of nutrition required for you to maintain an optimal lifestyle, that keeps you feeling great, energized and on go.


Shaping Up with fitness SEgments

Exercise routines are a fun way to shape things up in your life. Stay motivated, fit and entertained while keeping up with the pep in your step, when staying on track of your health goals. 

You can gain personal confidence, self-love and gratitude when you know that you’ve accomplished your set goals, when learning how to get your body seriously fit, sexy and oh so bootylicious with health and fitness experts. It’s not about temporary restriction or deprivation. It’s about reclaiming your entire LIFE!


Re-discover / Women 50 & beyond

Our Lifestyle’s segment brings together fun and excitement while learning new ways to live a healthier, fulfilling and prosperous life that empowers you to take back the control.

Rediscover who YOU are. Not you as a wife, mother, daughter or even best friend: YOU as an individual, as a woman with many years of experience and wisdom, passions, yearnings and desires. This is your chance to explore far and wide to discover what you really love today – right here, right now. You can do this in many enjoyable ways:

Segments take you on a real journey as you learn to relax, travel and enjoy the things in life that make you happy.