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Discover new health segments coming fall 2019. Explore the research and practices on improving health and achieving equity in  people worldwide. A problem that transcends our national borders, impacting political and economical concerns. 

CANCER, and chronic illnesses, along with the emotional and psychological effects caused by many diseases, are viewed on a deeper scope through candid conversation and discussion that educate, inform and empower our audience. From a panel of medical professionals, epidemiologist and a host of leading experts who engage our viewers on a verity issues and concerns.


WOMEN in medicine / SCIENCE / research 

According to U.S. Census Bureau statistics, women in fields commonly referred to as STEM made up 7 percent of that workforce in 1970, a figure that had jumped to 23 percent by 1990. But the rise essentially stopped there. Two decades later, in 2011, women made up 26 percent of the science workforce.

But the low number of women and girls pursuing STEM fields is not a status quo we can live with. It has significant implications for women’s financial security, economic growth and global innovation.


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